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Anti-wrinkle Injections

One area (ie forehead lines)     Fm$99                                              

Two areas (ie frown & crows feet)     $349                                         

Three areas (ie forehead, frown & crows feet)     $499                              

Dermal fillers

1ml lip filler     $389

1ml  thick filler          $599

2mls thick cheek filler     $890

3 mls filler cheeks or lips     $1290

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About Geri

Geri is also a highly trained, skilled and qualified aesthetician and beauty therapist, she also has attended master classes in anatomy and physiology. Geri has been trained, mentored by, several of the industry’s leading cosmetic medical practitioners and cosmetic surgeons. She gathers her extensive experience from working in New Zealand, Australia and Europe, she attends international conferences yearly, travels interstate to see her patients and assists with clinical trails on the performance of specific cosmetic procedures and pharmaceuticals.